Shanghai Longfeng heavy margin website optimization Shanghai dragon Er need to do you do it

whether it is their own orders or to the enterprise to do optimization, the first step is to get the website. But when we get the site how to start? We can start from the following aspects: first, we check the integrity of the following website, website optimization needs two files robots and sitemap exists if you can’t find the two files, then this site may be new sites, for the optimization of this kind of way a new station in our heavy margin of Shanghai Dragon: new how to optimize? (two) which has been mentioned, we are here to talk about these two files are in some cases do optimization.

: if robots and sitemap are two files, that integrity of the site has no problem, but we have to look at the website there is no use of statistical tools to analysis, according to Statistics website is a website last month, PV, IP, UV, the visitor area, browse pages and search these keywords data. At the same time to look at the last four days of the IIS log, of course, can see the last month of the IIS log is better, so that we can on the site to have a general understanding of the operation of the last month.

second: check the website keywords, and analyze its degree of competition, the industry website recently. In order to determine the keyword of the website is reasonable, the need to adjust, see title, keywords, discription content is the same, the description of the website has not used, description of the content is not summed up the main content of the site, there is no place to attract customers.

seventh: the number of external links, analysis of the quality of the website chain, integration of existing resources. Complement deficiency.

sixth: whether the layout structure of the site in line with the user’s browsing habits, important content is placed in the eye-catching place. The content of related columns, there is no connection page. Whether there is a link back there. Check the content of the site quality, have many of the duplicate content.

fourth: there is no H1 title tag, there is no abuse of the title tag, such as: the use of H1 tags everywhere, this is an abuse of the title tag; you should use the B label where he used the strong label, this label is wrong.

eighth: analysis of the website of competitors, make a plan according to the actual conditions of the website, and insist on the implementation of the plan.

third: view the site code is standard, there is no case cross use, is not conducive to the spider crawling code and reuse the code there is no package call.

fifth: important pictures do not use ALT or title property, the ALT property is the content of using the wrong or lengthy content. ALT is on the content of keywords.