Shanghai dragon staff how to more efficient communication and programmers

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Shanghai dragon is a complicated and uncertain factors, long-term and complicated work, here in addition to Shanghai Longfeng personnel need every day daily optimization work on the one hand, there is the site of modification is often several times, especially for large web sites, and these need to be more important to get the boss to the programmer to understand and support.

Shanghai Longfeng staff from the beginning to optimize your website at that moment, have to deal with the programmer, as the saying goes, gehangrugeshan, I believe many people will meet every kind of problems in this process, Jinyuan’s Xiao Ke with their own experiences, summed up the following 5 points:

3. sketch

we want to in the end is a kind of interface, a layout of how to Shanghai dragon, these words really hard to say, but if the painting >

this is really very important, on the one hand, because many of our staff like Xiao Ke I of Shanghai dragon is a technology for the blind, blind with a programmer to communicate that there is a certain degree of difficulty. Shanghai Longfeng staff put forward a proposal, specifically how to implement, also let the programmer according to the specific situation to achieve our communication, often do compromise choice. May say no resonance for the novice friends Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon believe because most are from the beginning to do personal websites, online free open source website program is very mature, like blog program WordPress, CMS program. DZ website, forum, build and modify almost have to do all kinds of simple dress QQ space like the. But once you take over the traditional industries such as the company’s website, you will often find how simple, primitive function. As Xiao Ke met: Web application, the server does not have the control panel, the server is not open FTP function, programmers do not understand, 301 of the static URL or the server does not support, no web log etc..

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told Shanghai Longfeng basic criterion

Xiao Ke often mentioned in the usual communication with programmers and optimize the implementation of the program, but also probably explain reasons, as follows:

pictures communication with the boss

the static URL: all URL are static or pseudo static, and the number of more and less




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URL Standardization: each page of a URL only, such as a page in the presence of multiple URL, determine the standard of URL, 301 permanent redirect to other non standard URL, except in special circumstances.

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