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love Shanghai Webmaster Platform – site optimization and analysis – Analysis of

in addition to love Shanghai, announced to all other search engine submission entrance.

But in July chain – link maintenance ?

included, when your site three labels in the short term will not change, the article page update the 2-3 module, no problem, just to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform to submit.

is a vote of confidence on our website outside the station The concept of

engaged in the work of the staff all know, included in the site is on the spider crawling, if the spider did not find the entrance, how will enter the web site to crawl pages included? I love Shanghai algorithm update, although the importance of the chain on the light, but the chain is still the best choice attract spider crawling. So the high quality of the chain to spread widely? This paper discussed.

tells the user to tell the spider, so we have a website about "Qingyuan Shanghai dragon" content for search, can solve their problems.

spider crawling in other sites, we found the left link to the spider to open a channel, let it find a hidden but beautiful spot site, is our website, increase our site exposure rate, to increase the content of the collection.

The details are as follows:

word: content is king, the chain for emperor

keywords ranking

repeated exposure to our words, is conducive to ranking.

if you want to check the other sites outside the chain, you can try some online tools for use abroad.

what is the chain website itself? To this site, that others website link to their

The premise of link; The Shanghai dragon

landing Shanghai Webmaster Platform pagecrawling love – – – a link to manually submit, copy the page with the inside pages of the URL in the past, click submit to.

let love go to Shanghai included, this is the active route.

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform after the revision, unable to find other sites outside the chain, the chain can check their.

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2, upgrade tool

1, attract spider, increase by

, a chain:

four, outside the chain to spread wide chain? What are the channels to release the 8 point

love Shanghai submitted;

chain query tool: love Shanghai Webmaster Platform

in 2015 July before, you can query to chain all sites, can even rival the chain analysis, follow and beyond to do;

two, the role of the chain: