How to write web site keywords

, 2 column classification page style, relatively simple, is the main keyword you write this column, don’t write too many words to four best, because now the search engine will also because the weight of too many keywords to distract you.

keyword optimization topics: Web site keywords optimization effect did not come here to learn? "

Keywords single page

according to the above analysis, in accordance with the directory structure partition key:

according to the customer in the search engine search results, enterprise web pages generally in accordance with the following rules:


1, the main column written: the column names of all keywords can be classified list of its column list, and the column is written "keyword, general column name, column name keyword list column classification" can help search engine better resolution of this page, so that you have some advantages in weight of similar sites in.

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(Keywords): writing will mainly describe the keyword you this page with the main product related keywords, don’t write too many words to four best.

Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

module page / column page (Keywords) writing: column page keyword method has two kinds,

website, we call him keywords, he and the title of the website (title) is different, the title is to let the user see, and web site keywords (keywords) if you do not see the source program is not to see. The main effect is the key content of the simple overview page, website source in between, with the following label

page (Keywords) on the corporate brand, name, main root keyword (selected keywords must change)

The The final Keywords


page / content page keywords (Keywords): Writing in the content page keyword is more important, you cannot use your website more important words to write words, otherwise it will only make you content keywords transition repeat, and reduce the search engine friendliness, carefully summarize the important content of your first release in the article, and then the extraction of keywords, such as an article is the introduction of today’s financial crisis, then the key is certainly the financial crisis, including the South China Netcom if the financial crisis in the development of key words in the article, you can also add the South China Netcom, these keywords suggestion is the most important to choose some content, of course if you think your keyword extraction ability is poor, can also be more content in the extracted word appears as a keyword, the keyword here Fill out is still three to four of the best.


weight structure: the final page – single page (part of contact us, company profile) – column page – Web page