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respected stationmaster:

should be advertising requirements, quicksand music CPM product launch, we temporarily shift the CPM CPM advertising to six rooms advertising.


thank you for your interest in Chi Chi League, and for the inconvenience caused by webmaster, please feel free to understand. Please feel free to pay attention to the change of advertising on our affiliate website, and we will provide more excellent advertising items. I hope all of you will continue to support us!


reported that when the AdSense service failed, the ads released by the ad provider could not be displayed properly on the internet. Although shlf1314 says the affected users have been notified, they refuse to disclose how much the affected users are. perhaps shlf1314 is afraid that the total number of AdSense users will be inferred from this figure.. However, it is obvious that the shlf1314 AdSense has not been much affected since the failure.


, a shlf1314 spokesman confirmed to the outside world, after the shlf1314 Gmail service on Tuesday temporarily unable to access the AdSense for business services also appeared in the same fault. He said, "in the morning of standard time in the western United States on February 25th morning, AdSense services appeared inaccessible fault, duration of about 90 minutes.". Fortunately, however, the number of users affected is not large, and we have notified all affected users that the fault has been restored in a very short period of time."

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for shlf1314, this two time interval is very short, and it seems to be a little higher for any network service provider. However, the recent problems with shlf1314 seem to be related to a "cloud service", and some of the server failures have had a bearing on the overall service of shlf1314.