How to check whether the site is K

optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain

third methods: by viewing the owner information website History page, website ranking to determine whether the domain name is the old name.

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registered a new domain name in the US, need to check the domain name is K, especially if it is the love of Shanghai (BAIDU) or Google (noble baby) K off, as everyone knows, a domain name is K, even how to make only superficial changes are likely not long-term search engines crawl effective included, so in a sense, greatly limits the development of the website, hit the hard business web site, after all the love of Shanghai K station is a name, and he is the search engine’s brother, at least in the field of chinese.

When directly in the search engineLove Shanghai or

is the first method: using the /Link command to view

site:, but this is not completely able to identify the URL is K, if the website is down right, which included only one page, it will be mistaken for K, for example, you want to test whether a site is K, as long as you enter the URL in the search box, remember do not less out in front of the three w domain name, if there is no home, that is K, if there is a home page, that is right down!

second methods: search to check the domain name

is the most web site traffic from search engines over there, and will love Shanghai K station is a name. Hard to buy a domain name website data uploading information but would not be love Shanghai included, wait a few months only to find the original registration of the domain name is K.

a lot of website traffic is to rely on love from Shanghai, but fell in love with the sea K stand out of the name you know. Buy yourself a domain name but not be hard to do website love Shanghai included, the last to know is that the domain name is K. So give out to teach a query domain do website, whether it is K’s method.

view collected by site command, and then use the link command to check the chain, if you look at the site included page 0, but the external connection number, then a domain name must be K.

directly to Google search you want to check the URL, if it is found that some results are complete in article contains the domain name, but site is not, the domain name may have been K. (there is an impossible, is the search engine index and not immediately after release in search results.

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