Three years of experience in Shanghai dragon blood to teach you how to avoid the invalid update



the old site ! trust


two, will not repeat the update invalid title page

old website article list


, no no update in addition to search for articles related pages of the necessary


old station www. Kinsun168. Com this is a small series of 3 years of self-study website, new www. Fucheng110. COM

in new, small is not doing news page updates only the common concern for the users, can greatly increase the amount of users in the show, can guide into the product page; the successful case is only doing fine, do not let the product stand bloated. Some search articles necessary to update, such as customization process and marketing page, increase trust case column etc..

old website news page


looks like the old website indexed pages, in fact, these news page users do not care, not a click, or a few clicks, immediately jump out. (old pictures) as these articles more website no links, it can attract some users to come in, but there is no transformation, increase the bounce rate. Xiaobian before (picture) this article is often come, Xiao Bian also very happy, only users in the task is good, can never bring about transformation.

at the railway station, each product has a unique title, and each product will have a user search, so now the new sites included low conversion >

old station there are a lot of repetition of the title, is to complete most of these products page without considering the classification of user search habits, make a product number in addition to the title, title has high repeatability is difficult to be collected, so the product page even was collected, there is no opportunity to show, don’t talk about the traffic.

the new website

website is the basis of the website rankings, so many webmaster friends are daily work content updates, bring new content to the search engine, to improve the site included. This can be really useful? Can bring to the site better ranking? Small series with more than 3 years of experience in Shanghai dragon blood, with two web examples to teach you to avoid duplication and invalid update


we can see from the results of site, the old station included the contents of the 354 most of the news page, which included a new station 143, most of the product page. The old station news 156, 20 successful cases; 25 new sites have common problems, there are 8 successful cases.