You buried the answer must depend on the user how to ask questions

love Shanghai to promote the collection of words is very good method, of course, I believe that love Shanghai, brought about by the extension of fuzzy traffic quality is not high, the conversion rate is very worrying. This time we Shanghai dragon value can be reflected, that is the love from Shanghai promotion Keywords finishing again again, select a number of opportunities to deal with key words your logical reasoning, and the establishment of a keyword thesaurus, remember in previous articles written.

saw a question yesterday in the know: why love Shanghai forever can not find the information I want? I believe many people have such doubts, feel the search engines do need to be improved. In fact, I see the answer is actually quite worth us this group of people do Shanghai Longfeng reflection, it’s the answer is this: how do you want to get the answer depends on what you propose to the problem. Where we should reflect on the point? We need to understand that we do search marketing is to do marketing answer that is a kind of passive marketing. But the advantage is highly accurate, far stronger than traditional TV advertising.

how can we know how the user actually this problem? You can go to Shanghai know love search this word, so those past questions will show, this is can be used as a reference. Of course, you can also go to the end of the world, Sina Search ask, ask the above to find similar problems, and then change, through logical reasoning, this question will come out. In fact, love Shanghai promotion can also collect many of these valuable keywords, in Shanghai there is a generalized fuzzy matching. So we can see every day into the key words of our website, I see a lot of the love I would never think of some of the key words in the promotion of Shanghai, some keywords very long, very accurate, I put the key words to search for the answer is not found. If we according to the user’s search to search engine to provide an answer, ranking natural needless to say, in addition to the user you an answer, the answer is not even, it will not believe you, who still believe. Keywords this kind of very cold very accurate, high conversion rate. Maybe a month then several IP, but this type of quasi keywords is the most valuable in the conversion or turnover.

In fact,

we do search marketing, in fact before the user is not to search the answers first buried. Like love Shanghai love Shanghai know marketing, encyclopedia, library, experience, including your own website, you can understand the answer in a search, etc.. A good answer can bring a lot of benefits Oh, remember that there is a friend to do recharge software agents, it had sex in Shanghai know promotion, one day there are hundreds of yuan of money income. I went to see it, in fact, love Shanghai know promotion people all know, all is the question and answer, the key is how you ask, this is the first step, if you don’t understand this, then everything behind you all in vain, so in the mature foreign company in Shanghai Longfeng professional keywords mining engineer. This kind of special collection of valuable keywords.