The discussion about included problems of Shanghai dragon circles

@ Chen Hongran said, generally refers to the chain included in the page of the chain is not included in.

1, the chain’s purpose is to attract the spider crawling and transfer weight;


I think, a judgment whether the chain has played a role, can query through the chain of love Shanghai Webmaster Platform inside, if not you love Shanghai Webmaster Platform website the chain, it is considered that you send the chain, at the time Webmaster Platform chain query database the effect is not produced. (note that sometimes Webmaster Platform database may be used for two months, three months ago, so the chain you made in the near future may not occur on the inside).

page you send the chain is included (with an index of the amount of sea data, do not have to SITE or domain), the chain can be effective (such as signature that although included, but the effect is not included, 0) is not effective.

before starting to discuss this issue, we must first clear some information:

, that is to say, in the eyes of the teacher Cardiff, in Shanghai Webmaster Platform if there is no record, is considered to be invalid, but do not rule out included one day in the future to become effective page.

tools (except love Shanghai Webmaster Platform outside) are not search;

command station Quote: ?I think that is the

about the chain, most of the Shanghai dragon er’s eyes, it is generally believed that, only to be included, and the chain detection results is effective. For example, we made a description of the text / text links on the page in the page A, if A was collected, then the text / the pure text links is effective, we can achieve the purpose of weight transfer and attract spider crawling through the link. But today we want another proposition argument is:


but there is a time we love Shanghai in the query and not included page A, but the spider crawling the page, and the spider through A page crawl to our website. So under such circumstances, this chain is effective? We look at a B2C search mall responsible person view:

chain is to be included in the criteria for what is

3, our data to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform data.


if the A page is not included, then the


chain is effective?

2, A, domain page by URL search, site, Link and the

on this issue, has been in Shanghai dragon WHY ask ask, but only the teacher also has the answer, what is our first look at the only teacher answer:

Problems included