Shark let wordpress blog more favorable optimization


third: Some Chinese Please

The main purposes:

are many blog comment spam hurt, especially WordPress spam very much, but it is difficult to find an effective way to deal with, this is the WP blog of pain, any comments on this plugin can help you Chinese shielding accident, the evolution of the network space.

avatar identity service, make your comment avatar is more personalized, also can display in the comments. This is not to say, in the arena of walking, didn’t show their identity symbol, it seems odd to

fourth: WordPress Gravatars

second: Post-Plugin Library & Random Posts

believe that many people have used WordPress to build a personal blog, if you just use the WordPress record of personal growth or used to "indulge in self-admiration", and that as long as you can use the most basic operation is enough, but if you want to promote your personal blog, let it have a better performance in the search engine rankings. This is not enough. Because "play" and "play", or has essential difference.

let me introduce a few simple plug-in, let your personal blog more search engine favor! It does not involve programming, so you can rest assured that as long as you know Chinese, after reading this article, you will be able to operate. I press my blog plugin and progressive introduction.

blog page display. Blog template has a defect, home page links are very little, only 10 articles, plus a few label link. With the passage of time, the previously released old articles, it is difficult to be again from the search engine spiders crawl to, the weight will be declined, included will go down. This plugin can be divided, >

The plug-in

use this plugin by adding a checkbox for each widget to control whether it is hidden in every page or display, avoid creating multiple sidebars and repeat widget. By default, "Hide on Checked" (hide selected items) is selected, all of the check box blank, all current widget in all the pages are displayed.

The first one: Display widgets

WordPress default Links from the state to the home link switching station.

fifth: WP-PageNavi

two combinations are used together, realize the random call, let the spider real-time capture, the content is the latest. Increase the spider crawling efforts, the second charge state. At the same time, also can let old articles out of the sun, sunlight.