Shanghai Longfeng questions of the 4th period website footer anchor text but also to optimize the ef



so, you said here is the enterprise website updated articles, recommended daily updated 3-5 article long tail words, try to let the spider every day to eat. In addition, we update the enterprise website article, its purpose is to optimize the long tail word, of course, also lies in the overall website ranking optimization. Could you update the site to bring the target unable to customers, but this can be very good to expand the site long tail thesaurus, let flow amplification. Let content marketing play a greater role. So, whether it is large or small, the update is very important.

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Q: Hello, I always found a web page content access multiple URL, now dispersed weight is very powerful, I came to this company, Shanghai dragon experience is not very rich, I feel the problems of web application. Want to ask the teacher, what solution to use

A: first of all, you should be clear on one point: the anchor text location can not be concentrated in the navigation or footer, but need to spread in the body. I don’t know how long you have not updated their knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng, many years ago the word: in the footer with many important page links, anchor text using complete matching keywords, is a very popular optimization method, but the effect is very obvious. Unfortunately, it is cheating. Of course, you can put the footer.

Q: I would like to ask ah, now do website footer anchor text but also to optimize the effect of the key words? If not, I will not do.



Q: teacher Hello, I contacted Shanghai dragon in less than three years, is now in a state of confusion. Now love Shanghai more strictly on the content of the original piece and last week, the low degree of the site were punished. I am not want to understand a little, I like the responsible enterprise website requires a certain amount of the original article? Some say that in order to do the long tail word, some say update articles can do rankings, now I don’t know what to do.

Shanghai dragon quiz for fourth period, many of the problems presented by the selected, but also you often need to ask questions. Note: any questions can be added A5 webmaster Shanghai Longfeng Engineer Huang Zhong personal micro signal: 343031031

A: this seems to love Shanghai webmaster college has given the perfect method to solve the problem, it is recommended to use canonical tags, specific reference to love Shanghai documents, I do not say this: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/wiki/112/


A: confused stage, Shanghai dragon made a period of time is essential, I was confused, here recommended and rich experience of Shanghai dragon Er exchange, or more to combat several web sites.