The enterprise website at the beginning of the line do well in the station optimization my thoughts

as everyone knows, planning finally launched as Shanghai dragon suit, we also have to be Commissioner to display their hands and feet of the platform, this time we should consider and how to optimize our website? As a webmaster we should through the details of what in the hands and analysis? The author mainly talk about new sites at the beginning of the line, details of the main points of website optimization analysis, we continued to enter today’s theme of short gossip.

third, to update the content website every day. The new station without any weight, as a webmaster every day for the quality of the web site update is required, the update of the content source can be the products of the company, company news, company case or qualification, the new update the material and update method is very flexible, early we did not update the Shanghai Dragon articles necessary to blindly, first of all to continue the web site of the most valuable content rich, such as customer case, company qualification, product information, improve the information, in combination with corporate culture or business activities to update some enterprise internal news, the material value is very high, for the new station set up weight and trust in the love of Shanghai is very good. No new >

first, reasonable planning website keywords and description tags. The distribution and arrangement of keywords is the priority among priorities to optimize the work, especially for the site title not all the words in a layout, select the value of the words into a sentence or a phrase can be, as far as possible not to stand for the same keywords in the competition, the purpose of doing so is to be able to focus on weight. In a tag is the description of the reasonable use, although the weight of keywords tags has very little, we do not care about this label, but for users and search engines to use concise introduction on the role of the description label we must be reasonable to, mainly to the company’s services, core keywords, brand word reasonable to form a descriptive, smooth text because both search engines or users, when you see a web page through the description of information will have a comprehensive understanding for the website, so this tag should be reasonable to use.

second, a single record made by Excel as the site of the long tail keywords. Because the site on-line, the first site is no weight, one of the key update is our work, but we are not blind to the update operation, often referring to some love Shanghai menu and relevant search, search needs of users understand what is common? The search needs through the long tail word list recorded, corresponding to a corresponding URL for each keyword in the update article, so it is convenient for us to do within the chain anchor text for the long tail of related words. Make record of long tail keywords not only for their work efficiency is greatly improved, while the key to the very important role in the rational allocation of the station, but also for the weight of long tail keywords constantly, gradually increase the weight of the long tail word and ranking.

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