Talk about how to play well with the Shanghai dragon on the bidding advertising portfolio

although we know Shanghai dragon has many advantages, such as cheap, sustainable and so on, a big weakness but we also can not ignore the Shanghai dragon, that is to see the effect requires a period of time, generally keywords an ordinary heat takes about two or three weeks to see results, if >

Localization of

4, bidding advertising can pin in a certain area of advertising, if you are a local service, it is very convenient for advertising.

3, the choice of keywords is more flexible. Key words compared to the Shanghai dragon modified to drop right, for advertising keywords modify more space, enterprises can first choose the main keywords to do the bidding, analysis what word conversion rate in one stage, and make a choice.

3, low capital investment, do not worry about their opponents will be bidding advertising to malicious click.


Shanghai dragon and bidding advertising into collocation combined

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2, Shanghai dragon is more conducive to the online brand building enterprises, have a stable natural ranking to the industry and won the trust of users. The nature of the site for the user trust, naturally can online brand building enterprise considerably.

is a fact hot in 2012 is China and Philippines on the island of Huangyan for the event, in a deal with foreign sovereign violations of the fight, China government resorted to economic, diplomatic, public opinion and other combination of boxing, a hard blow to the arrogance of the Philippines. We can see from the key role of portfolio in response to some of the diplomatic disputes. So the search engine marketing strategy of us, whether we can also borrow from the Shanghai dragon and bidding advertising two modes to play a beautiful combination of boxing? The answer is yes. The author will talk about how to play well with the Shanghai dragon on the bidding advertising portfolio. First we talk about this a commonplace talk of an old scholar two search engine marketing mode advantages.

1, Shanghai dragon long let bidding advertising to compensate for

1, search the high degree of trust, compared to bidding ads will trust those who have natural ranking site. Because I think many searchers are beginning to the bidding advertising has certain rejection and a good product to why do the bidding advertising fixed thinking in this work, compared with the manual for advertising, search will trust by Shanghai Longfeng nature optimization ranking site more.

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Shanghai dragon advantage key summary

1, we can quickly get the ranking effect can be said to be immediate. Of course, adjustable degree is high, the enterprise can obtain different ranking according to the funding level.

2, more accurate keywords. To obtain the target flow conversion rate is better.

advertising advantage key summary