Study on the analysis of the web site to win at the starting line

: the first research domain information. The domain name of the influence of the website is the house, is not only a good domain name search engine friendly, is also very user friendly. The domain name of the web site of the weight of influence is various, the longer the age of the domain name, the site’s ranking is advantageous; domain renewal time is longer, the spider will think more attention on this website is not used as a rubbish site; to add the key word English website domain name, have the weight of keywords to the site the promotion, but not much significance to the Chinese website; the history of the domain name information, domain name purchase history will also affect the site’s ranking, some domain name is done before the garbage site, giving the domain name weight spider is very low, still need some time to restore the domain name weight. Including the main influence factors of the domain name weight: domain name age, the content of the original, the size of the site, the external links of quality, analysis of domain name information, these factors are indispensable factors.

with the development of the Internet, network marketing is more and more welcomed by enterprises, accompanied by the competition between the industry is growing. In order to survive in the great competitiveness, to better understand their opponents, especially the opponent in website construction advantage. The webmaster to analysis of the web site from which aspect to win at the starting line, the author is how to share their research and analysis.

third: external link information. Through the analysis of the web site of the external links, can further understand the site’s traffic sources, the specific location and site conditions. A platform to do a lot of the chain, such a platform to a certain extent can take a lot of traffic to the site; the anchor text of the chain can be seen to locate the specific site, the webmaster do the anchor text meaning is to improve the anchor text keywords ranking, the main keywords the keywords without is the website. The specific target site. At the same time, the new general on-line operation, webmaster can’t determine which platform can improve the external links to the weight of the site, the site of the opponent, and find out the corresponding high weight platform, from the analysis we can find resources to the webmaster, we have to win in.

second: Study of website information. The weight of the website with information level included in the site are closely linked, to more clearly understand the operation situation of the website, the website collect information needs detailed analysis. Analysis of the web site of the new content included speed, generally the second web content, the weight is certainly very high. Here it refers to the collection of information does not refer to the number included in the site, mainly refers to the site included ratio = page collection number / total number of pages of the web site, the higher the proportion of weight will be included, the higher the website. At the same time, but also to study the site is included in the content, whether it is related to the content of the website and positioning, and positioning the only relevant website content page is included, the influence of weight on the site is relatively large. Analysis of the new page collection rate can better understand the site reflects the weight, the weight of the website will generally reflect the content on the site to grab included on.