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or from the two industries, the first to talk about the filter industry, said before, the industry more professional, write nature should have the authority, the authority where reflected? The title is undoubtedly the most important, I would often use some "experts say……" According to reports, "……" Such as title, gives the first glance very formal feeling! As for the content of the article, because of its professionalism can not do too much change, so only in the position adjustment, paragraph of words more.

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if you write the original article is false words, so also can find articles in the understanding of professional knowledge at the same time, watching for, not only familiar with the knowledge, and the reserve resources, this is not very good? Or to the two project I do as an example. The filter industry needs more professional knowledge, so find some industry trends, the latest information or different types of filter paper is the best. As for the decoration industry, the most important thing is to remember with pictures, text and pictures are not small, especially for some just started to contact this business, just look at the picture is very difficult to write attractive words, so the beginning of the "reference" is very important, after the late are you familiar with the "fearless", you can find a decoration map on the available


believe that many people in this industry do Shanghai Longfeng it projects are more than one, but a lot of time to do or have no relevance to several projects in different industries, the editor is a great test, how can a person and professional knowledge in different sectors of the palm grip? In fact, it is not so difficult a thing to master some necessary skills can! Today Xiaobian to share my experience with you! As an editor, I have to do the hands of the project mainly has a filter, a decoration industry, look no relevant industry articles how do I edit, OK? First of all, the most important thing is to find a professional, familiar with the industry from the


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just took over when an industry to do, nature is the general idea about this industry, of course, does not require you to master the very thorough, slowly understand more naturally this in your future article editing. Familiar with the method of the best in the industry, in my experience, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love is essential, also is the site of some of the competitors, the so-called "Zhiyizhibi, victorious! To filter articles I use is this method. The decoration industry is different, need to look at some actual cases can have intuitive experience, then look at some combination of professional decoration website is the best choice. Also note that there are many nouns of professional decoration industry, writing before the best first love Shanghai, otherwise the joke is not good

two, looking for professional articles

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