The construction site outside the chain chain how to batch refuse


Third step

Second step

. Then we sorted out the links in figure in box, click submit to. Waiting for love Shanghai.



first, need to register an account Webmaster Platform love Shanghai, not small to you to register, because this is the people love Shanghai, we can only follow. 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/ registered address. After you registered, need to verify the site permissions. Only a day after authorization, to view the site, the chain of love need to wait until later to see the Shanghai chain update. This is love Shanghai Webmaster Platform interface,

Fifth step

. We click on the download data, you can put all the chain data download, we can see such a view, those are removed and in some illegal websites sorted out. Then you can click: want to customize the batch refused the chain? Please click here, click, we can see the next page. As shown in figure


summary, love Shanghai mass outside the chain to tools, can be said to bring us a lot of convenience, hope in the optimization process, can use the tool. In the optimization, there will inevitably be website weight decline or K station, outside the chain to a role in the play, check their website.


website optimization process, the optimization is necessary outside. This includes the construction of the chain, with the extension of time, the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng external released outside the chain will inevitably be deleted or be competitors, hang black case. Then we need to reject those pages, so as to avoid the formation of spam links, the influence of the website. The purpose of doing so is to reduce the web site search engine to determine the risk of cheating. Zhengzhou small cloud technology from its website to tell you how to batch to junk the chain.

. We click on the optimization and maintenance of the area, we see the chain analysis, figure.

. We will see later verified permissions as shown in the above content, this is every webmaster essential platform, we can clearly know the site. As the mobile area can provide us some mobile adaptation and application of search; web crawling area can provide us with a link to the volume of data content and index. Hope the webmaster can carefully look at each area.

Fourth step

click on the chain query, we can clearly know the number of the chain, and if a long time, can be found outside the chain is increasing with time, can from the query results, one by one to see.