Teach you how to let users love to your posts

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4, picturesque layout

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Ian previously published in the blog of the "home" to enhance the keyword ranking mentioned in this article some key points about home page optimization through the station optimization, today Ian to introduce how to write the user love article, let the reader a few points on your writing love.

users will be used to see the lead at the start to see an article, to explain the contents of the general understanding of the whole and then decide whether to continue to read on. If the write mundane, then readers will soon put out the pass. So in the text before the author will generally take the lead in some domineering leak, to make it look out, want to see neither friendly nor aloof, a woman wearing a sexy way to attract men.

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beauty has attracted men with sexy posture, then men most desire is certainly "you know". So is the text of the article, significance is to make readers more in-depth reading of the desired content corresponding to the title of the article and lead. When writing the text try to make it clear, also want to pay attention to you, don’t be too wordy.

1, bunker eye-catching title

users see the title after why read this article? Most of the time, it is because of the title of "light" will read! The title is the user to read an article before the first glimpse of things, an eye-catching title is the user to read your article very good reason. Because of the importance of the title, in many forums on the breeding of many of the "title party", the post is the use of users love bunker title to do attract people to click on the title of the article. As we write the Shanghai dragon in the optimization of the web page title, attractive title is conducive to enhancing the user in the search results click rate. Ian claims the title of the article to personality, avoid the defect of Title repetition brings new in order to be different, the.

can play in the current year, netizens Tucao watch the news only to read the comments year; as an editor, if you know how to guide the user with wonderful shocking comments. If such posts will also fire.

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reader to see is a disgusting layout, then I believe more than 90% will not have the patience to read. Up like a Cang teacher in deep shit, although she is beautiful, but you will go to smell? So don’t forget to write the

2, domineering side leakage lead


6, with a picture of

5, wonderful shocking comments