Million yuan of truth Shanghai dragon occupation high bitter phenomenon

some friends or old drivers often heard that Shanghai dragon, eight thousand to tens of thousands of monthly income, right in the north of Guangzhou is the popular hot drink, said, these friends are those who master jobs to come, not the master, it may be edited, the chain like hard work. Perhaps this middle exaggeration beyond a few, but inevitably escape things, this is like playing the game upgrade, not a certain level is not occupation, not occupation in another cave is difficult to survive, let alone to destroy it, and Daguai out a few more money to times. The natural income gap is self-evident, there is a reason for all this.

policy and forced occupation of this leadership, can you say what God will do such a thankless task

Why exaggerated?

not only that, do you think the Shanghai dragon executives do not easily, and they are the same, but also even more of these migrant workers such as high pressure, and the deviation of the wage gap, but also brings the pressure is not the same, the master to do these sites, often the estimates are not simple station what happened, but often some large enterprises need to master the master participation, participation often means the competition between the master, you can say that they can not do better than where? Jane Shanghai dragon has deep experience in this industry, but also the most bitter reality, perhaps is ok.

Shanghai dragon friends all know, Shanghai Longfeng occupation, there are several different positions, Shanghai dragon chain, Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon optimization promotion specialist, Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon operation director. These positions are needless to say what knowledge is attractive, which is bitter, and even some people or even to the position or occupation career.



it is not the source of.

industry can exist, because the development of the industry to lead the community, people can bring wealth, Shanghai dragon this kind of exaggerated industry exists so long, because the search engine is derived.

. A full-time Shanghai dragon is not that high income


most of my friends have the experience, Shanghai dragon chain, Shanghai dragon edition, Shanghai dragon, promotion specialist who are migrant workers who have to do the hard work, listen to the command of the party, the party line is greater than the optimal policy in the party’s tie, Shanghai Dragon Phoenix did not play professional ability, often limited to the leadership, so ranking under the leadership of the party has no effect, then the party under the command, even issued to anger, the Shanghai dragon specialist, just do what thing, spend every month with thousands of ocean feed raise this drink, do what ah, the results are not, it is not this is not the company’s substitution, idlers, but also it can not support idlers.

The status of