What is the love Shanghai ranking difficult or you don’t have a good grasp

we all know, the favorite original content for spiders. In many webmaster to complain that I updated every day more tired when I often on the back one, whether you are the original or false original update? The answer is always no.. The same, the Internet freely visible content, love Shanghai what gives you a good evaluation, what gives you a good rankings? So especially for the new station and the old site want to fight, must grasp the original content, or in any case you are unable to catch up with rivals site. And this for each stationmaster is also a long stick to a job, if you are three days fishing nets two days of drying it, I advise you to give up the site. I believe every truly to know how to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization webmaster all know, good original content is the key problem for an internal optimization, a win is superior to the factors of the website, so do the optimization must be started with content, otherwise everything is in vain.

said the site within Shanghai Longfeng optimization, no doubt that after work in the chain. As we all know, a good website ranking, in addition to the support of the chain, there is still a great link to rely on the support of the station. So how do we go to Shanghai station in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, optimization of the Phoenix Station to pay attention to what the situation. We suggest that you do a map when doing the station, so to the weights of the website to share, and can let the spider crawling at a glance, so it is a lot of benefits, but also a super powerful chain website. There is the content of the anchor text link, for example, when I said this time the latest web site optimization www.qqyjx贵族宝贝 in the content page optimization, link anchor text keywords associated with each article will be content to point to the relevant page. But here we have to combine their own site density and reasonable distribution of keywords, generally considered the length of the content and keywords of around two. If you want to use the content page to do some long tail off.

(a) "content" is essential for ranking

(two) from within the chain of internal optimization

When it comes to love Shanghai

ranking, many webmaster is complaining about which Shanghai ranked love filled with a thousand regrets, people is undoubtedly the most difficult to do more. However, here I do not deny that the love of Shanghai ranked for the novice webmaster is difficult to do, but for those who do stand for more than one year if the webmaster said this about it, I want to say is that you do so long white website. In fact, love Shanghai ranking is not difficult to do, the key is to master and master optimization ranking method. Recently, there are often many webmaster complain in front of me, said he and others update the content hard every day, the chain, do Links, however, half a year, or even longer time are unable to obtain an ideal ranking, this is why? Today is to discuss and share the pen some important issues about internal website ranking optimization with everyone, hoping to help you.