How to reduce the rate of jump out of site five tips to help you out

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method four: put an end to let users.

large number of internal links

what is the web site? Site to give users what kind of services or information, we should be in the home of the most conspicuous place, let users immediately feel, do not blindly add some website and related content, such as some enterprise website, often put some photos, greeting words such as chairman and general manager usually, such a web site, but is the enterprise leadership "face job", it is difficult to achieve the purpose of network marketing, as long as we look at a little, as long as the home page and put on these irrelevant content sites, slow update, is usually a bay of stagnant water, don’t understand the powerful, basic rules and comply with the network marketing.

home message, allowing users to be able to capture

methods: Web site overall structure gives a neat and clean feeling

Methods: three

is a user, because he’s interested in the article and visit the website, this article to the user, I feel very good, after reading a fun not the taste, he also wanted to see some related articles, if, when the website content optimization, direct the key links in the website optimization or other related articles plus, will attract users to click on the link to read, so the website needs a large number of the chain in the promotion process, the content update also do not ignore the internal links bind the user role.

website promotion aims not only to attract users to browse this simple process, the ultimate goal is to promote the users into profitability, so as to achieve the purpose of the site to make money, although there is a unilateral I say so, I think the vast majority of the site network promotion are aimed to achieve a certain value, so, if just stay in the lower stage to attract users to access, it is difficult to achieve the purpose of profit, while in the optimization of website content, to attract a lot of users, users leave quickly in a few seconds, not carefully read the contents of our website, undoubtedly has a great deal of time and energy for the stationmaster, how long the user want dessert, even in a little time or multi site resides. "How to effectively prevent the user Human effort is the decisive factor., jump out, have to rely on their own, following a brief introduction to five strokes anti user out:


webmaster friends in Web site update, often make this mistake, is the content of the website accumulation more better, the content of the page attracted customers, in fact, too much home page content not only allow access to the user is not able to find their own needs, and for the first time, too much content deposition that will slow down the speed of the open web site, these small details can affect the user degree of patience. So, try to keep the home clean, unified theme theme structure, and as for the content of the website, can put in the two or three page, so that users can’t cast a circle, a bit of great interest to browse the contents of their own interest.