On the 2011 Shanghai sex mentality ranking optimization

today is the beginning of September, many companies are to work. I wish you all a happy new year, here you work smoothly! Shanghai dragon ER is when rabbit

Shanghai dragon, must have a good attitude. That is to say in you so stand were K but also in normal heart and normal heart to go on. Everyone will say, is the so-called standing waist pain. When you meet the normal web sites continue to be K drop right after. You can take a normal mentality to continue to do the Shanghai dragon? Very crazy believe the nearest station is for the two meet love Shanghai right down, the sea fell in love with keywords in the first row, after second days off to ten pages. Do a station is not easy to do the first second days of the Shanghai love I do not know where to go away. The mentality about the crash, the Shanghai dragon down. Thought once fall into panic, ask Shanghai dragon is it really can make money? The next day

gas eyebrows!


2 requires constant innovation

now turn to the question, I believe that many webmaster friends all know, website optimization, especially for the love of Shanghai Chinese website optimization, we need to have a good mentality. Now love Shanghai can be said to be updated according to the number of hours, or even minutes update. If I fall in love with the sea by site K station, how to adjust their mentality? Site is down right, what to do? Many times, you just get the day in the rankings to give up. The Shanghai dragon masters, and you have experienced the same pain, their site is often a problem, God is fair to everyone, you need not be afraid.

should do?

before 2008, the website is to do the chain, meta settings, web site keywords ranking will rise to the home page. But in 2010, or that after time, these methods are not enough to love Shanghai home page ranking, we need to develop a more technical, >

is now a lot of people in the Shanghai have sex before optimize how to adjust their mentality, this problem has been discussion, sex Shanghai optimization not only have good technology and good attitude to face the challenge and exercise every day, Shanghai ocean dragon and you talk about how to adjust yourself the sex mentality in the optimization of Shanghai.

I believe we all know, in 2010, Shanghai battle group QJ love affair, and get good rankings by Shanghai love black hat technology, and the first half of 2010 to obtain stack keywords website ranking, and software group chain, build blog and other cheating. Indeed, in a certain period of time, these methods can get good rankings. The traditional white hat optimization techniques generally effective time of 3 months, and these cheating can be effective in a short time, this is the difference between the two. But with the improvement of search engine technology, love Shanghai in 2011, Shanghai will have to increase efforts to combat the love station group, black chain, such as keyword stuffing cheating.

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