Love Shanghai APP transfer from SDK detailed design document standard

four, SDKThe demand of

The whole process of Implementation method and calculation rules of the residence time of

product is App statistics from the web page and click App to open the transfer time, and after the user to stay in App in time. The function of SDK is transferred from the statistical time and residence time in the user from the transfer in App.

transfer from the simple, is from a web page click from the transfer button, then open the corresponding App.

and SDK five compatibility

3, SDK, SDK to send the statistics field.

The function of

1, the front page, click on the Url set to transfer from the Uri;

To obtain statistical parameters from the transfer of When



2, open the corresponding application, corresponding analytical transfer from Uri parameters;

three, SDK

two, from the transfer process of

Some browsers

in Android and IOS device, can the corresponding App link through deeplink, after the transfer from App, the length of time on the need for statistics, as well as from the search results page to App users in the transferred in App after the residence time, and through these statistics to analyze, from the search results whether the flow distribution can give users a better experience.

, background

= App to the background or exit time App.

in the App. For the cut-off point there are two situations, one is the App exit, one is App users to switch to the background, no matter what kind of situation will choose in the two time points in a cut-off point in time.

The length of stay time stamp

realization methods and calculation rules of time. The user clicks the Web button in the page, generating a timestamp, App open, the timestamp of the corresponding Web by Uri parametric form into App, and at the same time resolution, a system to generate the current timestamp, the difference between the two is transferred from long.

SDK in the design process has to consider the ecological compatibility to existing regulation, part of the application has a custom Scheme, SDK will not change the existing transfer from the Scheme, and not Scheme. SDK is by adding a parameter in the existing application of Scheme after the new field, the theory application developers by extracting the value of data can be achieved for no additional parameters are compatible, but some open >

Application of

= App long time stamp – Open Web page click on the link time stamp