Shanghai Longfeng rules change snatched from the jaws of death

Shanghai dragon in the first ten years can be said as long as written keywords, title, description, our website can have very good rankings; in the first five years, as long as we update the article, send the chain can have good rankings; but now there are still many people in the continuous chain, that is the chain website ranking accumulation, as long as the chain is enough, our website ranking is good enough. When such ideas still exist in our mind, I have to say you are the one. Love Shanghai algorithm in recent months, changes in the description, we should not blindly to the hair outside the chain, don’t like "robot" like every day as a day to day send spam.

two: "link factory" there are a lot of

three: the article is reproduced or pseudo original

from assignment to the final king NOKIA from bankruptcy, once the mobile phone giant to what is now slow, let that global enterprises have such change. They have a common point, there is no follow the user needs to go, eventually led to such a situation today. We are also in the Internet today, so, grasp the needs of users, we can have the market, only to have the development. On the basis of Internet marketing, also have Shanghai Longfeng, but today’s Shanghai dragon rules has been changing, so many Shanghai dragon Er are at a loss.

: a chain of "robot"

previously described is a key, it is behind what I want to say. Shanghai Longfeng rules


for the love of Shanghai, our country most of the sites are dependent on her life, so when love Shanghai rules has been changing, our website optimization is how to treat. For the first domestic Shanghai Longfeng environment:

exchange friend chain chain excusable, but the sale can be said to be cheating, although there is a relationship between the rank of the website and the friends of the chain, but the trading link is determined to cheat against. Some sites are outside the chain of output pure, there are a lot of high PR station will be the friends of the chain to carry out transactions. Our people are in pursuit of a speed, as long as the speed we can profitable. So in Shanghai Longfeng this environment, there are those opportunistic people, in order to quickly rank to means to use the "black hat". Such behavior we don’t advocate, one day the search engine will find that you will come to the end.


in the optimization, we update the article is to tell the "spider" own website content update, to establish a good image. However, a lot of people who are eager to make "spider", written content is not to the user, has become a waste of network information. A copy or false original, do not want to see the articles published on the Internet, users enter also feeling cheated.